What In the World is an Anti-desiccant Spray?

What is an anti-desiccant spray you say?  When do you do it and why?

The typical anti-desiccant spray creates a barrier on needles or evergreen leaves that helps slow the loss of water during the winter.  Moisture loss through needles due to exceedingly dry, cold air, and wind can create an unhealthy environment for many evergreen tree and shrubs.  An anti-desiccant spray slows this process down a great deal, creating a glossy shield on plants such as rhododendrons, yews, holly, or arborvitae.  This can especially hold true when more than one spray is completed, typically three provide maximum results from fall until spring.

If you have exposed shrubs or small trees that might benefit from this type of treatment, be sure to let us know.  This kind of treatment begins in November and ends in March.