Is It Time to Remove Those Pesky Stumps?

With summer ending, you would think that the project list would dwindle away and get smaller. Unfortunately, the project list just seems to keep going. There is fall leaf raking, putting the gardens to bed, and applying lime & potash to the lawn still to be accomplished. Another project you can tackle this fall is the removal of those pesky tree stumps in your lawn. You know, the stumps that you always try to remember to raise the mower deck to miss, but unfortunately, your timing just seems to be off a little bit.

When it comes to stump removal there are many options. You can go to the local hardware store and purchase one of those chemical concoctions that supposedly eat away at the stump. Or you can have a go at it with the old chainsaw and/ or axe. But the best way is to have the stumps ground out. Stump grinders come in many sizes and several are even self-propelled and do not cause damage to the lawn. The stump grinder is a spinning wheel with numerous carbide tipped teeth that chew away at the stump through several swinging passes. The grinding results in a “dirty mulch” like product that is great to mix with compost or just use in your garden!

Although you could choose to tackle stump grinding on your own, it is more typical to request a proposal for stump grinding from a professional. At Chippers, we base our quotes on the amount of time it takes us to perform the work. This means that if it takes less time than anticipated by the sales person the benefit goes back to the client. Back to the options part, we can just come and grind the stump and leave all of the dirty mulch for you to clean up. Or, we can take care of all the clean up and repair the lawn so that you never knew there was a tree there in the first place. Overall, removing stumps throughout the yard and planted landscape can be one of the most cost effective and readily noticeable improvements.


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