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There are many known advantages to landscapes with mature native and planted trees: beauty, privacy, shade for pleasure and to reduce cooling costs, higher property valuation, wildlife habitats, air quality improvement, sound buffering, windbreaks to reduce heating costs, erosion control, etc. But after...Read More
Imagine that spring has finally arrived (hooray!), and underneath all the snow and ice you find damaged trees and shrubs that clearly need professional attention from an arborist. There are a range of choices when it comes to hiring household service providers so how do you decide which professional...Read More
Our Fall 2012 GreenWords newsletter is now posted on our website: http://www.chippersinc.com/files/2713/6455/2069/Chippers_GreenWords_Fall_2012.pdf                       It’s filled with lots of good ideas...Read More
One of my favorite hobbies was when I kept honey bees. As much as I like honey, I always wished my bees produced maple syrup! I love maple syrup. As an arborist, I really appreciate a sustainable sugaring operation, including those that sugar their maple trees as a hobby. Proper tapping of healthy Sugar...Read More

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