Of Firewood and Firepits

Does fall make you yearn for the warmth of a fire in the fireplace? Me too!             How about a fire outside in a firepit? Me too!                     Both activities...Read More
Our Fall 2012 GreenWords newsletter is now posted on our website: http://www.chippersinc.com/files/2713/6455/2069/Chippers_GreenWords_Fall_2012.pdf                       It’s filled with lots of good ideas...Read More
Sunflower; Aster Family Everywhere I go, I see sunflowers. There is a huge surge in sunflower popularity going on right now. Although most people grow this flower for its sunny happy face, or for its seed heads; there is much more to this fascinating plant than meets the eye. This native annual can...Read More
We have lots of folks asking about the difference between treatments that claim control over annual broadleaf weeds like spurge versus post emergent weeds like dandelions.  This is often a very confusing distinction which only requires a brief explanation to clear things up and understand the differences...Read More

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