Spring 2014 Newsletter

Earth Day 2014 is tomorrow, April 22, and we are so thankful to finally see the 'earth' in this part of the world. It's not green yet, more of a melody of browns and grays, but we are ready for green care, how about you? Click here: GreenWords. For more information about the services we provide,...Read More
Our Fall 2012 GreenWords newsletter is now posted on our website: http://www.chippersinc.com/files/2713/6455/2069/Chippers_GreenWords_Fall_2012.pdf                       It’s filled with lots of good ideas...Read More
It’s not too late to rake or blow away the leaves from below trees that were affected by leaf fungus problems this past summer.  Apple scab and other common diseases get a head start in the spring by leaving infected leaves on the ground.  If you did not have your ornamental tree and shrubs treated...Read More

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