This Old Yard Has Moved!

With the launch of our new Chippers website, we have moved the This Old Yard (TOY) blog to

We have incorporated the TOY  and Mr Grass blogs into our primary website to make sure all of your green care resources are located in the same place. We’re All About Your Life Outside and we  hope you enjoy our new website and blog page.

–  The Chippers Team  –

Spring Bulbs

With daylight hours just starting to lengthen but with snow still on the ground in many areas, we are all waiting for the arrival of spring. For those of you who planted blubs last fall, your reward will soon be here. Most varieties of crocus begin to pop up and bloom at the end of February or the...Read More
One of the things you can count on in New England is that no two springs are alike! I recall last year with temps in the low 80’s and it was only mid-March, and early spring tree care began, well, early! As I write at the beginning of April, we’ve had a tough time getting above 40 degrees. Aside...Read More
Maybe this is the year you have decided to take action and are simply not willing to accept the same old lawn you had in 2013.  If this is the year you have decided to act, then I have good news!  Your turf can look better and with the right game plan will provide enjoyment throughout the summer with...Read More
Unfortunately, another exotic and destructive insect threatens our native trees. More specifically, the emerald ash borer (EAB) threatens our native ash species along with the frequently planted green ash. History suggests that this pest may threaten for years, never actually making it here, such as...Read More

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